Construction Visualization Partners

Delivering Modern Client Experiences

We provide visualization services to construction management firms looking to effectively communicate, educate, & inspire their clients at every stage of the project lifecycle.

our unique approach

The Visual Communication Sandbox

Our web based visualization platform is how we uniquely develop & deliver our presentations. Get engaging, interactive deliverables in record time.

Interactive by Default

To set your firm apart, we deliver interactive presentations that your clients can engage with on their own time, beyond the presentation room.

PDFs at Will

PDFs have a place in every organization. With just a click, you and your clients can turn a presentation into a downloadable PDF.

Seamless Hand-Off

Once we hand over your presentation materials, it's ridiculously easy for your team to make changes on the fly.

Access Control

Provide and revoke access to presentations in a couple clicks. Know who, when, where, and how your content is accessed.

Collaboration Focused

With live commenting, mentions, & attachments, it's never been simpler to keep teammates in the loop with what matters to them.

Fast & Cost Effective

Usually interactivity in presentations means high costs and long turn over times, but with Sandbox, interactivity is added instantly, at no extra cost.

We get it

Visualizations Can Feel Gimmicky

"We've worked with other studios, but didn't see the ROI."

Most studios invest heavily in visual fidelity to wow audiences, but that doesn't lead to success; effective communication does. Our expertise is in showcasing the benefits of choosing you, and addressing client concerns clearly and concisely.

"Our prospective clients don't care about flashy animations"

Perfect, neither do we! But prospects do want to work with a modern, forward thinking firm. Your tools reflect your approach, and we provide you those tools in order to effectively demonstrate why your firm is the best for the job.

Creating Value

How Does Your Organization Benefit?

Smooth Communication

Our workflow is designed to simplify collaboration between our teams so everyone can excel in their respective roles.

Full Transparency

Your team will have access to our platform so they can preview progress, give feedback, and make tweaks at any point in the production process.

Frictionless Collaboration

Leave comments, mention teammates, & attach files directly within presentations. Never lose context in long email threads again.

Fewer Meetings

It's so easy to keep everyone up to date with what matters to them, you can skip the review meeting entirely.

Unrivaled Client Experiences

We know your client's time is limited, which is why our materials are built to deliver information quickly & seamlessly.

Executive Summary Leave Behind

Keep your firm top of mind beyond the presentation room with an interactive web application summarizing your project approach.

Powerful Analytics

We leverage analytics tools in the executive summary to assess engagement, and help you understand your client's friction points.

In-Presentation Q&A

We take away the friction of email communication by allowing your clients to leave questions & comments directly within the executive summary.

New Revenue Streams

Mark up our prices and provide it to your clients as your own service. Boost revenue while delighting your clients.

White Labeling

We function as your in house visualization studio, allowing your firm to offer services & experiences it otherwise couldn't.

Ad Hoc Technology Services

Public facing websites, custom web applications, 3d visualizations, clients often need one or more of these services over the course of the project.

Enhanced Project Proposals

By including our marked-up services in your initial proposal, you can offer a unique project experience and increase profit margins in one swoop.

Get a fixed quote

Simple & Predictable Pricing

Every engagement includes...

Visualization Strategy Document

An essential document that serves as a unified roadmap of your firm's visualization efforts, as well as the desired business outcomes.

Construction Documents

We leverage 3D models to create clear & efficient site logistics plans that simplify the navigation of complex construction activities.

Process Illustrations

Clearly illustrated narratives that are crucial in helping your audience understand your firm's construction processes and approach.

Visual Communication Sandbox

Your team will have direct access to our internal tool. Collaborate in the comments, share files, or make last minute tweaks to content with ease.

Executive Summary Leave Behind

Make a strong impression with an interactive web application that allows clients to deep dive into your organization's key propositions on the go.

Analytics Report

A detailed report of crucial insights and behaviors tracked in your client's executive summary that enables strategic decision making.


Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us if you don't see your question below.

Can I substitute any of the deliverables?

Certainly! We recognize that projects can have drastically different needs. During our exploration call, we will discuss what types of deliverables make the most sense for your project.

Why do I need an executive leave behind?

The executive leave behind is a reminder of all your key differentiators, viewable on a tablet or computer. It is the easiest, most engaging way for clients to review what you have to offer.

I need something in 2 weeks. Can you do it?

Certainly, but there's no substitute for extensive preparation. Our services become exponentially more valuable the longer we are working with you and your client. However, provided we're given sufficient project information, we can definitely jump in on short notice.

How does payment work?

Once we get an understanding of your project needs, we will give a fixed quote so you can easily manage your budget. A 50% deposit would be made before work starts, and the remaining 50% would be paid upon completion. If you have any concerns please reach out.

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